Anne-Victoire Matton appointed Head of Trade Marketing




Château Minuty sees the fourth generation of the Matton family flourish in 2022 as Anne-Victoire Matton joins her father Jean-Etienne and Uncle François in the running of this Provençal gem.

Anne-Victoire Matton has a degree in Economics Applied to Finance from the University of Paris-Dauphine. She started her career at Campari France, in the Marketing team of Baron Philippe de Rothschild. She joined her father and uncle in the management of Château Minuty as Trade Marketing Manager.



For Jean-Etienne Matton, it is a source of pride to have been able to pass on this love of Minuty and its heritage. "This arrival is very important and I am delighted on two counts: Anne-Victoire shares the enthusiasm of the profession and the philosophy of our work, and she is as attached to this place as we are. " 

The trigger for this arrival was the desire to promote Château Minuty and its vineyard.

For François Matton, this accession represents family continuity, the transmission of know-how. "I am certain that Anne-Victoire will defend our values and respect the DNA of the company. 

Château Minuty has been Anne-Victoire's birthplace since she was a child: "This is the place where I was born, where I grew up, and it is here that I was given great values, such as work and rigour." 

"It is a pride and an honour for me to join Minuty, to work alongside my uncle François and my father, and to be able to continue their work."